Monday, November 12, 2007

There once was a man from Nantucket, his blog was so long you'all can suck it

I don't dream of convincing people to believe in what I believe in. I've come to realize that the more people who are mind numbingly idiotic, with small borgish brains (yes I made up the word borgish, but I think it works) are the same people that make it possible for me to succeed. Let me explain. Yin needed Yang, Batman needed The Joker, and Magic Johnson needed AIDS... all I'm trying to say is that for me to cleverly navigate the close minded, ass-fucking rednecks on a daily basis, I need these people to make fools of themselves with no knowledge of such goings-ons. Muslims are the least of our worries these days. Southern Baptists and Protistant retards have a much firmer grip of the preverbial gonads of this country. So rise up all you liberal minded, progressively thinking Americans and support the ignorance and intolerance, because without that, well the terrorists have won (or is it AIDS... i'm not quite sure).

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