Friday, November 9, 2007

If your not a billionare George Bush hates you!!!

Patton Oswald, a terrifically funny comedian, explained that people gay for George Bush that make $1.40 an hour support a dude that does very little for them or their children. This sparked a bunch of random thoughts. These people clean vomit up with a rusty mop get ass fucked by Bush only an almost hourly basis because he has absolutely no concept of what it means to be poor. Conservatism does a great job of masking you insecurities. If you pray outside Planned Parenthood, have 45 "Support our Troops" magnetic ribbons on the back of your 3 mile to the gallon Suburban and enjoy gay bashing and say that civil unions will destroy the sanctity of marriage, well sir or maam, theres a better than average chance you have downloaded gay porn, been divorced at least twice, have no children in the military and are only truly happy when your judging people that could care less about what you think of them.

So take that you silly, silly people. Transmission complete.

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